Terms and condition

Hagere Coin (HAGR) Terms & Policies

Token Details:

  • Ticker Symbol: HAGR
  • Total Supply: 100 million HAGR
  • Divisibility: Up to 18 decimal places

Purchasing & Holding:

  • HAGR tokens can be purchased on approved cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Minimum purchase amount: 100 HAGR
  • HAGR holders earn staking rewards for maintaining their tokens in a secure wallet


  • HAGR transactions are fast, secure, and have low network fees
  • All transactions are recorded transparently on the Hagere Coin blockchain
  • Cross-border remittances can be sent instantly between HAGR wallets

Use Cases:

  • Make everyday purchases with merchants accepting HAGR
  • Transfer funds domestically or internationally with no barriers
  • Access decentralized Hagere Coin ecosystem services and dApps


  • HAGR utilizes advanced cryptographic protocols to ensure user funds are safe
  • All private keys and sensitive data are protected through encryption
  • Regular network audits and security updates protect against vulnerabilities